The Wall Street Journal included EPD in its article: Small Firms Lead the Way in Hiring

September 19, 2015 4:12 pm

WSJOnline_SmallBusinessLeadsSmall firms are creating jobs at a faster rate than big companies as demand rises for their services.

The author Ruth Simon writes, “Small businesses are responsible for much of the economic recovery.” She interviewed EPD, “European Paving Designs has filled 15 new positions and is looking at add another 15 employees this year.” said Chief Operating officer, Robyn Cerutti. “The construction market is very hot.” said Cerutti, whose firm installs interlocking paving systems.  

Simon’s goes on to say, “Hiring at small firms has outpaces that of larger firms for the past 19 months. Turnabout comes after small companies were slow to recover from the financial crisis, which hit them especially hard.”

EPD weathered that crisis better than many other small businesses. “No one puts recession in their business plan but our scalability and adaptability allowed us to weather the recession. We had created a business model that made us stronger as we emerged on the other side. Our ability to retain our talent and and take advantage of opportunities for training and education prepared us for exponential growth,” explains Cerutti.

EPD continues to expand in response to an exploding industry. The founders vision and embracing change has allowed for organizational maturity. The leadership has created strong business practices and processes, developed specialized roles and responsibilities, and deepened our organizations bench dramatically. All this allows the CEO to contribute by lending his strengths to estimating and looking towards future trends.

Simon wraps up the article saying, “Still, the stronger overall economy and improved consumer confidence are helping some businesses take risks.”

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