Understanding the Value of Maintenance

Our mission is to maximize the success and sustainability of your installation.

We believe in the superiority of unit paving systems compared to any other hardscape solution. They offer unique longevity, flexibility, and sustainability.

Once installed, pavers require very little maintenance but like any infrastructure investment or system there should be a plan for its optimal performance. Let EPD provide guidance on best practices and or engage with us to directly handle the maintenance of your investment.

System Maintenance creates value in three ways:

  • System Performance – Increased ROI
  • Safety – Decreased Liability
  • Beauty Restoration – Increased Marketability

System Performance

Segmental pavers are amazingly flexible, however there can be unforeseen situations and circumstances that affect your project. Changes in use patterns on the property, infrastructure upgrades, settling and shifting, and inadvertent damage from cleaning, and the flow of water, all of these can effect installations.

When the need arises to make repairs, or if there are issues underneath the pavers, unlike asphalt or poured-in-place concrete, segmental pavement can be opened and closed. Pavers can be removed and replaced using the same material. The inherent flexibility of these systems saves time and money.

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP) reduces stormwater runoff from expansive impervious surfaces. This pavement can also reduce or eliminate detention ponds and drainage infrastructure thereby reducing overall project costs. As a new or retrofit pavement, reduces runoff from PICP further reduces minor flooding from storm sewers operating at capacity as well as pollution from combined sewer overflows. For these reasons, PICP is seeing increased use in green streets, green alley and green infrastructure projects.

When considering the maintenance unit paving systems you must consider three things, the sub-base, how they are interlocked, and how the edges are restrained. The integrity of these things determines the integrity of your entire system.

  • Base – The base is the most critical element of any paver application and its integrity is key to its performance. The type of base is dependent on the use case and application. When these things change, people often forget about the base.
  • Interlocking – Interlocking Paving Units allow for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks unlike monolithic concrete surfaces. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking. Joints must maintain interlock or there can be failure.
  • Edge RestraintsEdge restraints are an essential element to the longevity of any segmental pavement installation. Without edge restraints, pavers can “unravel” over time resulting in paver movement, open joints and paver damage.


Safety is an important consideration for any project. Unit paving systems can decrease liability a few different ways.

They allow for repairs without heavy equipment and long curing times. The area of repair is inherently smaller so it creates less disturbance of traffic and pedestrian flow.

Pavers can maintain good skid resistance values throughout their life. Pervious and permeable pavers can also help with distributing storm runoff and allow water to soak through the paving material, reducing slipperiness in very adverse conditions.

Pavers can be used to create distinct visual patterns which can assist in calming vehicular traffic and can help increase pedestrian safety and reduce accidents. Using light colored pavers can help improve nighttime visibility around an establishment. This may also help prevent accidents and deter crime.

Restoration – Where Function and Beauty Meet

Restoration or refreshing a paving installation can make a significant difference in its appearance and if done correctly can extend the life of an installation. The longevity of pavers makes the choice to restore them easy both financially and aesthetically. Returning an installation to its original quality and maintaining it can increase the marketability and enhance appearance of a project.

When taking over an existing property, restoring a system as a part of a larger LEED project, or refreshing an installation due to the overall lack of maintenance over time, consider restoration. It will save time, materials, and is a sustainable solution.

People’s impressions are that pavers add old world charm and we couldn’t agree more.

Why have EPD maintain your pavers?

Having experienced professionals maintain your installation will save you money over time and mitigate issues before they become problems.

Our maintenance programs are customized to meet your property’s specific needs.

We are ICPI certified professionals with a deep understanding of paver installation and restoration. Since we began in 1980 we have installed using every type and style of paver manufactured.

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