Specialists Committed to Excellence

We are thinkers and creators, industry developers and drivers. Our commitment to innovate demands a culture which fosters growth, risk-taking, and not settling for the status quo. We balance this with a sense of humor, not taking ourselves too seriously, and honestly, enjoying what we do and who we are working with.

EPD consciously hires specially trained and experienced professionals who meet the most demanding challenges with integrity, precision, and pride. If you are looking for a fast-paced work environment where your colleagues’ commitments mean something, your contributions will be obvious and valued, and your clients are some of the most highly respected companies in the industry, look no further.



Here is What Employees Say About EPD

“EPD is like a family to me; we all rely on and support one another constantly. We’re here to build each other up and bring out the best in ourselves by helping our team. I value that type of collaboration, working together for the same goal and purpose really brings us together.” – Liz

“The collaborative environment lends to a healthy, helpful attitude amongst co-workers. If I encounter an issue that is difficult to solve, I know I can depend on a co-worker or mentor to help me find a solution.” – John W.

“I feel we work together with highest level of team spirit to achieve common goals of business growth and customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service to clients. All the while focusing on developing a trustworthy professional relationship with our customers and suppliers.” – Urvi

"EPD is working really hard to make a difference in the construction industry, to have the best reputation by delivering the best quality work with respect, professionalism and safety." – Catarino

“We focus on making customers’ day’s (internal and external).” – Liz

“I feel like we are constantly learning here and that there is always someone willing to teach. Any new knowledge I am able to learn, I feel more empowered.” – John W.

"At EPD we work as a team and work to be better everyday. We respect the people that we work with and maintain professionalism in all we do." – Javier Sr.

"We progress in all aspects of our lives (individual and team) while being 100% safe." – Raul C.

"We respect each other and treat everyone well. We have a healthy environment for all employees." – Juan

"We are all each others customers, the customer comes first. We help our coworkers be successful. Without the team, we have nothing. The old saying 'the money is made in the field' is BS. Field can't work without the office, office can't work without the field. We're all in this together." – Darren

"Have fun! Get the work done but be sure to enjoy it." – Stephanie

"We have the ability to be better every day in our work." – Clemente

“EPD is full of different personalities and quirks, yet we all mesh together somehow. I enjoy coming to work. I enjoy the camaraderie.” – John

"We work hard and strive to exceed expectations." – Julie