pavers by european paving designs

Differentiated by Our Experience

EPD is built on the ideal of sustainable performance and fueled by a passion for a product and its possibilities. Our values require innovation with integrity and quality in everything we do. We demand this of ourselves to foster growth in the market, not just our company’s market share. We demonstrate this through our commitment to our relationships, employees, communities, and, of course, our craftsmanship.

What Sets Us Apart

pavers by european paving designs


Our level of industry expertise is unparalleled. Established in 1980, we far surpass any competitor. This allows us to have deeper industry knowledge as well as credibility in serving you.


Our people come to our company and stay because mutual respect, integrity, and a commitment to craft are all shared values.

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We embrace technology, as marked by more than a decade using cloud-based business solutions, paperless business operations and an early adopter of mobile technology in the field.

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We hone our services daily to offer the best quality in craftsmanship and business practices. We do this because we know that constant evolution will continue to raise the bar of excellence in our industry.

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Lifelong Learning

We promote lifelong learning for everyone at EPD. We’re proud to have the highest number of ICPI certified installers in the country, an active college tuition reimbursement program, and participation in business and industry education.

pavers by european paving designs


Highly respected companies trust us to deliver iconic designs on-time and with the highest quality.