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Port of Oakland

Oakland, CA

Servicing the largest interlocking paving project in the western hemisphere.

The Port of Oakland, with over 4.7 million square feet of concrete pavers, is the largest interlocking paving project in the western hemisphere. Concrete pavers are still used at the Port because they allow flexibility for traffic transportation and storage areas as well as the constant movement of shipping containers that asphalt does not. Pavers provide support for containers and container handling equipment with wheel loads 5 to 8 times that of over-the-highway trucks.

European’s Paver crew has been repairing 4 foot wide sections of pavers damaged by the repeated traffic of a very large ‘top picking’ multi-container transporter. We participate in the demo and reinstall the pavers in a Herringbone pattern matching grade at the edge elevation with a gradual raise in grade.

More detail: The pavers used at the Port are 100 mm rectangular, “4 x 8” (nominal 100mm x 200mm) units with a range of thickness from 80mm to 120mm. The areas we have repaired consist of a compacted subgrade, 250mm (10 in.) of compacted aggregate base, 170mm (7 in.) of asphalt concrete, 25mm (1 in.) of bedding sand, and interlocking concrete pavers.