Mortar Set Rumble Strip

Sand Set Restoration

Mortar Set Restoration

Sand Set New Pavers

Mortar Set New Pavers


20,217 square feet


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Googleplex – Corporate HQ of Google

Mountain View, CA

GooglePlex currently occupies what was the Silicon Graphics Campus. EPD had been the original installer for this project almost 20 years ago. XL Construction, a long-term partner, enlisted EPD to refresh and restore existing pavers along with upgrades and new paver installation.

The Google Campus is a continuous 24-hour campus and the renovation area included in the most recent contract was central to its hub. Continuous access, routinely an issue when doing restoration and repair work, was an extremely sensitive and critical requirement to completing the project successfully.

With complex patterns, varied colors, and the blending of old and new components, EPD was able to expertly weave the pathways from the early concepts into the finished product and architect’s vision.