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19,647 square feet



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Genentech’s DNA Strand

South San Francisco, CA

Genentech Corporate Campus was completed in 2 phases and is connected by an event plaza entrance built to replicate the helix of a DNA strand. The interior atrium and terrace utilized some of the first large format narrow modular pavers used in the area. The atrium and terrace were standard sand set installations and were challenging in the location of the areas (partially interior areas) as well as the accelerated schedule that was required to meet the occupancy deadlines.

The Event Plaza presented a completely different set of challenges and opportunity. The design was modified during the construction to not only develop the curved helix, with each individual paver having to be placed exactly per plan and being set with expanding gaps to hold the curvature, but to also include a portion of the entrance to be vehicular rated in order to service the requirement of emergency access. The design team did not  want to create the entire area with the “structural underslab” required for this and designed it in segments that could be vehicular or pedestrian dependent upon where the segment aligned. This allowed the reinforced vehicular section to follow a straight line from the doors and walk entrances through the radial design.

Phase 2 was built under a different contract requiring the same vehicular portion to be completed as well as adding an additional section requiring a permeable base section. This design allowed the three differing sections to be installed in unison without any evident transition in the final product.