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20,000 square feet



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Bay Meadows Town Square

San Mateo, CA

“Since ancient times in Greece with the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, we have been intrigued and captivated with labyrinths. Whether representing the paths of life’s journey or a puzzle to solve, we just can’t get enough of their maze-like and bewildering qualities.”
“#ArtinMotion”: Experience the Mirror Labyrinth at Bay Meadows

The public art piece at Bay Meadows’ Town Square by internationally-acclaimed Danish artist Jeppe Hein is called “Mirror Labyrinth NY – for California” and allows visitors an interactive experience as well as being the centerpiece for the new “work/play/live” urban community in San Mateo.

This 2,000 sq ft plaza piece anchors the center of the Bay Meadows Urban Community and was a portion of the 20,000 sq ft interlocking pavers installed in phases 4 & 7. EPD had the distinct opportunity to create the foundation area for this unique art piece. Using 4”x4” Academy Black, flame-finished, split granite cobbles in a radial pattern to “mirror” the footprint of the art piece. In addition to the complex pattern, the plaza granite work becomes part of the art itself by the reflection throughout the entire labyrinth. Keeping to strict detail to minimize cuts and hold consistent joint spacing while following the piece’s form left the mark of the skilled craftsman building the project.

Video Blog of child playing at Mirror Labyrinth