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801 Brannan

San Francisco, CA

Originally developed as a warehouse and industrial district to serve nearby port facilities, the Showplace Square neighborhood has become home to one of the nation’s most successful centers for home and office furnishings, interior designers, and furniture makers. Luxury multi-family properties, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks have also attracted people who want to live in a walkable, urban area to the neighborhood.

801 Brannan is one of the luxury condominium properties that attract people to the area. The building houses more than 500 units with retail space on the ground floor. EPD was able to help developers striving to meet requirements for LEED certification with installations that recycled rainwater in two key paved areas.

The large courtyard and walkways throughout the ground floor area of the property rely on the use of a permeable concrete paving system consisting of stepstones and pavers that allow the rainwater to flow through the surface joints directly into the water table rather than diverting it to a storm drain. An upper floor courtyard and entertainment area consisting of a pedestal paver system using structural strength pavers and a drain system that collects water to use in the property’s irrigation system.

EPD’s team was able to complete the project on time in spite of heavy traffic – vehicle and pedestrian – in alleyways, driveways, and courtyards. A mix of pavers was used to create a practical, attractive, and “green” solution that enhances the neighborhood.