Your Vision is Our Mission

“Every great change is preceded by chaos.”

Deepak Chopra


It’s an exciting time to be an architect. The design choices have and continue to proliferate with technology and environmental concerns pushing the barriers of what’s possible. The sky is literally the limit as we build upward to accommodate demand all the while looking downward concerning ourselves with the sustainability of our planet. It’s exciting, overwhelming, confusing and, well, chaotic – all in pursuit of great change.

Understanding the challenges architects have, we strive to be the knowledge resource for unit paving systems. Whether it be breaking down ICPI standards, a deep knowledge of manufacturer’s specifications, budgetary assistance or best practices for installation and maintenance, EPD provides guidance in order to support sustainable performance and iconic design. We do this for FREE.

Why do we lend our knowledge? Because we believe in the superiority of unit paving systems compared to any other hardscape solution. Our goal is to grow the market. We value innovation and integrity so we can support sustainable performance. All that to say, we care about your design’s success. With over 35 years of experience, we are in a unique position to assist you.