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Stanford University Hoover Tower Restoration

Stanford, CA

EPD has been entrusted to restore and repair some of Stanford’s most iconic installations.

Hoover Tower, constructed in 1940, is a 285 feet (87 m) structure on the campus of Stanford University in Stanford, California. The tower houses the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, an archive collection founded by Herbert Hoover prior to his Presidency. Hoover had amassed a large collection of materials related to early 20th-century history; he donated them to Stanford, his alma mater, to found a “library of war, revolution, and peace”. One of the signature features of the Hoover Tower is the “wrap-around” terrace patio and entrance that has retained its history while meeting the needs of facility and campus management.

The Hoover Tower Courtyard restoration combined the abilities of two of Stanford’s trusted vendors, EPD and Anza Engineering, working in partnership to upgrade utility and hardscapes, which had deteriorated with age. While protecting and restoring the historic integrity, the site required alignment with current ADA (American Disability Act) requirements. The Hoover Tower Courtyard is a complete “surround” terrace on three sides of the building. The clay brick that was used in the original installation is not manufactured to the same dimensions, specifications, or methods and was difficult to match. EPD used a combination of salvaged brick, and new material of similar manufacture to fulfill the commitment to the authenticity of the original building and site.