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Levi’s Stadium

Santa Clara, CA

This stadium had some traditional paver elements but also challenging dedication and memorial elements. The 49r’s decided to not only provide a paver area for purchasing engraved pavers but also install them in the main entry bands and the large logo at the entry. Due to the curvature and intricate shape of the team’s signature brand 30%-40% of the logo bricks had to be custom hand-cut.

The placement of each brick had to be specifically set as the dedication paver customers bought both the brick and its location. EPD’s craftsmen worked from a digitally enhanced file in order to place each one exactly as it was laid out from the marketing company that provided the engraved pavers.

EPD was proud to receive The 2015 BAC Award for Best Use of Masonry Materials. The award was presented to Local 3 California for the unparalleled range and quality of members’ contributions to the construction of the Levi’s® NFL Stadium in Santa Clara.
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