Large Format over Crushed Rock

Pedestal Set Restoration


4,127 square feet


CSI Code 07 76 00
CSI Code 32 14 13

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499 Illinois Street

San Francisco, CA

Connecting two high-rise buildings, EPD initially installed large format pavers to create a dramatic space highlighting a fresh view of the San Francisco Bay, an industrial view. The initial design was large in scale to match the cargo and cruise ships passing by and dotted by a contemporary metal sculpture offering perspective. The site was striking.

When an issue arose with the rigid foam insulation providing a base for the pavers, it was an opportunity to reinvent the space to be more compelling to its community. Technically, the restoration improved ADA access, elevated patio and sitting areas and replaced the rigid foam insulation with paver pedestals. The reinvention resulted in a restaurant (complete with outdoor vegetable gardens and an herb wall for ‘farm to table’ fresh ingredients), bocce ball courts, and sitting areas for viewing the ships passing by. Very San Franciscan.  

EPD is proud to have been selected for this restoration, as well as the initial installation. We replaced the rigid foam insulation with pedestals as well as meticulously reinstalled the site with the reclaimed large format pavers to conform with the new design.